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Hey Guys

Even though I've been under this journal for a while now, I've decided to change.

So if you have a friend request from tntcharge  it's just me :-)


How do I syndicate feeds?.....

Orrrr will somebody do it for me? ;)

Belmont and the Like


I know Rachel Alexandra is a pretty amazing filly. But GOOD GOD people. She's not *that* impressive. Sure as Shit she's no Regret nor is she a Ruffian.

I'm awfully tired of hearing how phenominal, fantastic, god like, BEST, Super Filly. Yada, Yada, Yada. Shut up already.
Doesn't help that Jackson wants to breed her to Curlin-Sorry.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad she didn't go to Big Sandy--but I would've liked to see her stay in the Triple Tiara.

But that's just my arm-chair quarterbacking for the day.


No matter what language you speak, you've probably come across words or phrases in another language that sound better than their equivalents in your native tongue. What's your favorite word or phrase in a foreign language?
Definitely, Enchante. It's so much more sophisticated and lovely than 'Nice to meet you' in English.

Granted, most things sound better in French than they do in English.


I am so so so so so ashamed to say I actually trained here for a while-

YES! There is 'O/F' work..uh huh. I love the straight elbows and lobster claw hands, and how she's jarred on landing every.time. LOL

And HOLY SHIT. We get it. He can spin/turn on the haunches. Woooooo.

I wish I had those 3 months of my life back. These are awful, awful people. Convining, Condescending, and Backstabbing. I wouldn't be surprised if the go so far as to sore their own damn horses.


I caved

and finally bought Captain a new halter :-)
and a fly mask
and licorice, lol.

He was good today, fairly...bouyant, I guess is how I'd describe it. He felt like he took up my leg nicely today and was up in front and pretty darn forward. I have a feeling he's going to be one of those horses that's in their prime in their early 20's. Oh and totally random. One of Sue's clients was there for her daughter's lesson and was like, "You have the cutest tummy I've seen in a long time, aside from Morgan's(one of her hoodlums) and she's 6." Which received an awkward thank-you and Sue's like, "Good posture, eh Anna?". God I love that woman, always to the rescue!

I also realized that I've been holding out on you guys with graduation pictures, so I uploaded those along with some from today =)

Teaser ;)

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Lucky, lucky, lucky girl

Today has consisted of Burn Notice, Bones and Casino Royale.

And ALL the leading men are utterly and completely foxes!!!

Daniel Craig?
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You don't like the lighthouse? You suck.


This is SO much win....


Apparently it's some guy that's trippin' on acid and his friends locked him in a closet. With a mic. Awesome.


Of Things Involving the Ginger

So I've thus learned that after 3 days off, going out back aka the cross country course is BAD idea. I mean, he really wasn't all that bad, just not..super adjustable.
And by 'not super adjustable' I mean by the time he's half way across the plowed area, he's got A HUGE head of steam and the engine is purring and he keeps going. Around the corner of the lane where I bring him down to a trot. So needless to say, I make him do the whole thing over again and we have a trot by the time we get across the field.
Whoa can that horse motor....

But his hill work was nice! We went down the backside and down the slope and along the way flushed a bird(which I have reason to believe was a Partridge) and off we went. I have a strict 'no galloping/cantering through the rushes' policy. So he bolts into the rushes, naturally. Oh well, I go up in two point and guide him to the plowed area and we work through his sillies. Okay, not really sillies...just pent up energy from his few days off. I can't be mad at him-he hacks by himself REALLY well and was just plain 'ol full of it. Plus I gotta say, going out in a jointed full cheek, with large expanses, lots of grass and generally things that are OBVIOUSLY horse consuming, he's good as gold!

For us though, the plowed area in the middle of the course is sort of neutral ground. That's were all the work happens. Once you're on course, walk, trot, and canter only on the lanes and up the hills. Walking down the big hill ONLY. And if you're going to hack through the rushes, it's going to be a nice trot, maximum.

And really, it was only his second time out and for that, I am proud.
We ended the day with a hair cut :-)

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Taking Greenville by Storm

Waking up at the ass crack of dawn[4:30 to be precise] paid off in a big way.
Most of our barn wound up going to the show and after Captain loaded with minimum fuss, we were off! Actually, with us and another trainer that's in our area, the two barns combined brought 9 riders!

Of course he went through the normal 20 minutes of acting like girl before he finally settled in. And settle in he did! He tied like a champ and was just amazing. We won our English Equitation age group along with Dressage Equitation 16 and up :-) Took 6th in English Pleasure and 4th and 5th in T1 and T2 with a 69.5% and 67.5% respectively. After a LONG day, Captain literally jumped in the trailer. He was pooped. Seriously, I love that little redhead!

Tiffany took pictures as she brought Zip for experience and to be adjusted seeing as her chiro is 15 minutes or so away from the fairgrounds! Which reminds me, I need to write her a thank-you note!

I graduate tomorrow!!!


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